Documentary Credits

Don Field
Norm Rumpel
Charlotte Ruth Stone
Jack Arnold
Joan Arnold
Harry Tokarek
Evelyn Tokarek
Alvin Metheral
Leo Whyte
John Armstrong
Bill Emerson
Joe Saxinger
Eleonore Saxinger
Arley Phillips

Producer – Director
Greg Marshall

Director of Photography
Richard Agecoutay

Location Sound
Peter Ford
Michelle L
Eugene Lu

Off-line Editor
Donna Smith

On-Line Editor
Shawn Henry

Stills Videographer
Craig Lewis

Music with permission
“Likely Ending”
by The Boy in the Bubble
from the album, Infully Visible
The New 1-2
Sonic Unyon Records – Melodiya Records

“Train Song”
The Yard Apes
Music: Jim Cretney, Drew Baron
Lyrics: Andy Lanaway

Additional Music
André Fecteau

Thanks to:
Navigation Canada
EM Media
Calgary Airport Authority
Jerry Miller

Special Thanks to:
Peter Ford
Joe Saxinger
Richard Agecoutay
Banff Centre for the Arts
Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund
Ford Marshall
Luke Van Dyk
Don Robertson
Rae Staseson

Production made possible in part through the Filmmakers Assistance Program grant from the National Film Board of Canada

Produced in co-production with Banff Centre for the Arts
Banff, Alberta, Canada

Executive Producer
Sara Diamond

Associate Producer Co-productions
Television and New Media
Joy Barrett

Associate Director, Production
Jed De Cory

Production Managers
Tom Montvilla
Norm Richards

Production Supervisor
Wilhelm Schmidt

Post-Production Supervisor
Luke Van Dyk

Audio Engineer
Paul Herspiegel

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